Events with ScaDS.AI


08.11.2023: Talk at a Living Lab event for alumni of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation about "Generative Text-To-Image Models". (Niklas Deckers)
10.10.2023: Poster at the All Hands Meeting of the German AI competence centers about "Manipulating Embeddings of Stable Diffusion Prompts". (Niklas Deckers)
19.07.2023: Seminar talk about Hugging Face Datasets and Apache Arrow. (Christopher Akiki)
08.07.2023: Hosting an interactive session on Chain-of-Thought Prompting at the Leipzig University Studium Universale "Creative AI Breakfast". (Niklas Deckers)
23.06.2023: Two talks and two demonstrators at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften. (Niklas Deckers)
19.06.2023: Plenary talk at the ScaDS.AI general assembly on The Infinite Index: Using Generative Models to Answer Search Queries With Fine-Grained Control. (Niklas Deckers)
26.05.2023: Invited speaker Harrie Oosterhuis (Radboud University): "From Inverse-Propensity-Scoring to Doubly Robust Estimation: Counterfactual Learning to Rank for Search and Recommendation"
19.01.2023: Weights & Biases Event on Reproducibility, Hyperparameter Optimization and Evaluation. (Niklas Deckers)


12.12.2022: Plenary talk at the ScaDS.AI general assembly on The Treachery of Answers. (Martin Potthast)
09.12.2022: Keynote about the current progress in Generative Models and ongoing research approaches at the symposium with members of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. (Niklas Deckers)
09.12.2022: Hands-on session about Stable Diffusion: AI-generated images. (Niklas Deckers)
22.11.2022: Pitch Talk at the NLP event of the German Network of National Centres of Excellence for AI Research. (Christopher Akiki)
06.07.2022: Introductory seminar about Prompt Engineering: Strategies and Examples. (Niklas Deckers)
25.05.2022: Plenary talk at the ScaDS.AI general assembly on Investigating and Mitigating Topic Bias in Authorship Attribution. (Niklas Deckers)