Course in Information Retrieval

General Information

Lecturer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Potthast
Lab Advisors Lukas Gienapp, Christopher Akiki
Workload 2 SWS Lecture, 1 SWS Lab
Lecture Monday, 11:15 - 12:45, starting 12.04.2021, online
Lab Tuesday, 9:15 - 10:45, starting 12.04.2021, online
Contact Email, or via Discord server "irlecture"
Exam Written exam, date to be announced.


  • Online sessions for the lab will take place every two weeks on Monday, 11:15 – starting 26/04/2021.


  • Lectures are prerecorded. The videos can be accessed by following the lecturenotes below, or on the Webis youtube channel. [playlist]
  • Online sessions will take place in the form of live Q&A sessions on BigBlueButton. These sessions are planned semi-regularly, each date will be announced on the course website.
  • Lab material consists of biweekly programming exercises in the form of Jupyter notebooks.
  • Examination will take place at the end of the semester as written online exam. Date is to be announced.
  • Communication
    • Lecture website - materials and announcements will be uploaded on this website.
    • Discord - there is a dedicated Discord server for this lecture to ask questions and engage in discussion. Check your mails for an access code. Please join the server and choose a Nickname such that we can identify you (at least surname).
    • Email - important announcements will be sent out via mail.



The lab will be conducted as a series of exercises to give a hands-on experience for the concepts taught in the lecture. Each lecture block will be accompanied by a Jupyter notebook, which implements a component of a basic search engine.
Exercises will be published here every two weeks, with the solution following one week later. We will not collect & grade your exercise solutions, and participation in lab is not a prerequisite to the exam.

Lab Sessions

  • 26/04/2021 - Session 01: Exercises 01 and 02
  • 10/05/2021 - Session 02: Exercise 03

Lab Exercises