Research Seminar

General Information

Lecturer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Potthast
Workload 2 SWS Lecture
Place Paulinum P801
Time Thursday, 9.15 - 10.45
Intended subjects Bachelor's and Master's theses in the departments TEMIR and ASV or from the fields of NLP and machine learning in general.


  • The schedule of lectures will be displayed and updated on this website. Please check back regularly.
  • All announcements will be communicated via email (please send all mail to
  • The first seminar is expected to take place on 13th April 2023. Here, the presentation slots will be distributed across the following weeks.
  • We will live stream the seminar as well. The link for this is: BBB


  • Seminars are live. The first session is for organizing the dates for your presentations. Please be there!
  • Materials will be organized via this website.
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  • 13.04.2023
    Scheduling appointments and organizational information
    General information
  • 11.05.2023
    • Julia Peters: Manipulating Embeddings of Stable Diffusion Prompts
  • 1.06.2023
    • Pia Sülzle: Detecting Hidden Meaning in Stock Images
  • 22.06.2023
    • Ruben Kohlmeyer: Probing Large Language Models for Causal Knowledge
    • Marc-Pascal Richter: Normdaten-Disambiguierung und Reconciliation auf Korpusdaten
  • 29.06.2023
    • Marvin Vogel: Axiomatic Re-ranking for Argument Search
    • Janko Götze: Cross-domain Counterargument Retrieval using Large Language Models
    • Hassan Jbara: Text-Conditioned Generation of SVG Images
  • 06.07.2023
    • Jonas Probst: Implicit Evaluation of Health Answers from Large Generative Text Models
  • 13.07.2023
    • Jennifer Rakete: Bootstrapping Training Data for Sentence-Level Trigger Detection
    • Moritz Brunsch: Multi-Label Active Learning with Many Irrelevant Examples