Research Seminar

General Information

Lecturer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Potthast
Workload 2 SWS Lecture
Place Paulinum P801
Time Wednesday, 11.15 - 12.45
Intended subjects Bachelor's theses in the departments TEMIR and ASV or from the fields of NLP and machine learning in general.


  • The schedule of lectures will be displayed and updated on this website. Please check back regularly.
  • Please enroll in the associated Moodle course. If necessary, I will contact you this way in the future.
  • The first seminar is expected to take place on 19th October 2022. Here, the presentation slots will be distributed across the following weeks.
  • We will try to live stream the seminar as well. The link for this is: BBB


  • Seminars are live.
  • Materials will be organized via this webiste.
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  • 19.10.2022
    Scheduling appointments and organizational information
    General information
  • 07.12.2022
    fällt aus!
  • 14.12.2022
    • Dominik Schwabe: Unsupervised Frame Identification in Argumentative Discussions
    • Thomas Abel: Exploiting Pairwise Neural Networks to improve early Precision in High-Recall Literature Searches
  • 11.01.2023
    • Deniz Simsek: Verbalizing Entity-based Answers in Conversational QA-Systems
  • 18.01.2023
    • Simon Reich: Integrating retrieval benchmarks in a unified manner into TIRA by developing an ir-datasets-loader
    • Thilo Brummerloh: Extracting Large-Scale Multimodal Datasets From Web Archives
    • Karl Haase: The Impact of Near-Duplicates on Bootstrapping in Information Retrieval
  • 25.01.2023
    • Ahmad Dawar Hakimi: Contextualised Summarisation of Scholarly Documents
    • Gregor Pfänder: Generating a Large Scale Corpus of Medical Entities
    • Jonas Veit: Measuring Perplexity for Sequences of word classes of Idiomatic and Literal Expressions
  • 01.02.2023
    • Nils Schröder: Short Text Classification
    • Max Staats: Estimating Corpus Statistics with Large Language Models

Supervision Dates

Date & Time Supervisor Student
05.10.2022 14:00 Christian Kahmann Gabriel Huppenbauer
05.10.2022 15:00 Christian Kahmann &
Christopher Schröder
Nils Schröder
18.10.2022 15:30 Kim Bürgl Jonas Stahl
05.10.2022 10:00
(recurring weekly)
Lukas Gienapp &
Maik Fröbe (external)
Thomas Abel
19.10.2022 14:00 Christian Kahmann Gabriel Huppenbauer
01.11.2022 13:30 Christian Kahmann &
Christopher Schröder
Nils Schröder
02.11.2022 14:00 Christian Kahmann Gabriel Huppenbauer
08.11.2022 13:30 Christian Kahmann &
Christopher Schröder
Nils Schröder
15.11.2022 13:30 Christian Kahmann &
Christopher Schröder
Nils Schröder
17.11.2022 15:00 Christian Kahmann Gabriel Huppenbauer