Course in Information Retrieval

General Information

Lecturer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Potthast
Lab Advisors Harry Scells, Theresa Elstner
Workload 2 SWS Lecture, 1 SWS Lab
Lecture Monday, 11:15 - 12:45, starting April 3rd 2023, HS 12
Lab Tuesday, 9:15 - 10:45, starting April 4th 2023, HS 5
Contact Email
Exam Wednesday, 2nd of August 2023, 9:30 - 10:30, HS 9


  • Please sign this informed consent that allows us to use your data in the SharKI research project. You can hand us the signed documents either in the next exercise session, or drop it in our mailbox "Sekretariat Petra Gamrath" in Augusteum, 5th floow, room A 514. As mentioned in the last lab session, this is voluntary and does not affect your participation in the class but your signature helps us to do our research. Thank you!
  • Please fill out this last SharKI survey: GERMAN, ENGLISH
  • Exam will take place: 02.08.2023 09:30 pm at Lecture hall 9 (Hörsaalgebäude - Hörsaal 9). Please arrive at least 15 minutes early (room will be open from 9:00)
  • You are allowed to bring a handwritten sheet (DIN A4, one side only) with useful information into the exam. The sheet is collected together with the exam at the end of the exam.
  • Also allowed to use during the exam is a non-programmable calculator.


  • Lectures will take place in person, but have additionally been prerecorded. The videos can be accessed by following the lecturenotes below, or on the Webis youtube channel. [playlist]
  • Lab and corresponding material consists of a project in which you program your own domain-specific information retrieval system. We will have regular tutorial sessions from April 4th on.
  • Examination will take place as written exam.
  • Communication
    • Lecture website - materials and announcements will be uploaded on this website.
    • Email - important announcements will be sent out via mail.



The lab project consists of building and evaluating an information system for a specific domain. This entails data processing, implementing retrieval methods, and an analysis of the retrieval system.
Lab project material will be published here over the course of the semester.

Lab Lecturenotes

Lab Sessions

  • 2023/04/04 - Session 01: Introduction, Organization, Tutorial
  • 2023/04/11 - Session 02: Tutorial, Intro Milestone 1: Data
  • 2023/04/18 - Session 03: Q&A
  • 2023/05/02 - Session 04: Intro Milestone 2: Methods I
  • 2023/05/09 - Session 05: Q&A
  • 2023/06/06 - Session 06: Intro Milestone 3: Methods II
  • 2023/06/20 - Session 07: Q&A
  • 2023/07/11 - Session 08: Orga, Wrap-Up, Questions/Remarks/Concerns

Further Resources

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