Graduate Seminar

General Information

Contact Person Dr. Harry Scells
Place Paulinum P801
Time Thursday, 11.00 - 12.45
Description In this seminar current trends from the fields of information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, and data mining are presented, discussed, and taught. Aside from PhDs and master students from the TEMIR group also speakers from other universities and the industry are invited.


Date Speaker(s) Type Title Links
26.10.2023 Anja Reusch and Julius Gonsior Invited Talk We have two talks: "Transformer Encoders for Mathematical Answer Retrieval" and "The missing Piece of Active Learning Research: a Reference Benchmark" [slides]
19.10.2023 Ferdinand Schlatt Talk Report on visiting UQ + ColBERT and Friends [slides]
05.10.2023 Wojciech Kusa Invited Talk Evaluating Automated Citation Screening in Systematic Reviews: Metrics, Outcomes, and Datasets [slides]
17.08.2023 Maik Fröbe Talk Teaching with Shared Tasks [slides]
10.08.2023 TBA Talk Highlights from SIGIR'23 [slides]
06.07.2023 Johannes Kiesel Talk ValueEval: Identification of Human Values behind Arguments [slides]
28.06.2023 Nicola Ferro Invited Talk Comparing IR System Performance Through Explanatory Linear Models [recording]
22.06.2023 Harry Scells Talk Query Automation for Systematic Reviews [slides]
15.06.2023 Frank Binder Invited Talk Information extraction from technical documents in the KIRESys project [slides]
01.06.2023 Jan Heinrich Reimer and Miriam Louise Carnot Talk The Archive Query Log: Mining Millions of Search Result Pages of Hundreds of Search Engines from 25 Years of Web Archives and On Stance Detection in Image Retrieval for Argumentation [recording]
26.05.2023 Harrie Oosterhuis Invited Talk From Inverse-Propensity-Scoring to Doubly Robust Estimation: Counterfactual Learning to Rank for Search and Recommendation [slides] [recording]
11.05.2023 Harry Scells Reading Group On Natural Language User Profiles for Transparent and Scrutable Recommendation [paper]
20.04.2023 Christopher Akiki Workshop Hugging Face Datasets and Apache Arrow [notebook]
06.04.2023 Lukas Gienapp Talk Contrastive Ranking-Aware Learning of Decoupled Representations for Retrieval [slides] [repository] [recording]
30.03.2023 Alexander Bondarenko Reading Group TruthfulQA: Measuring How Models Mimic Human Falsehoods [paper] [recording]
23.03.2023 Maik Fröbe Talk Towards an Information Retrieval Experiment Platform for Shared Tasks [slides] [recording]
16.03.2023 Lukas Gienapp and Niklas Deckers Workshop Research Tooling and Environments [slides] [resources] [recording]
09.03.2023 Niklas Deckers Talk The Infinite Index: Information Retrieval on Generative Text-To-Image Models [slides] [recording]
NB: Recodings are only available to members of the webis network.